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The Issue

Social isolation among seniors, commonly referred to as “senior isolation,” occurs when an older adult has such limited social ties that there are few places to turn for help or for social support when the need arises.

This trend is expected to worsen in the coming decades as a demographic surge in the elderly population takes hold. Especially at risk our seniors with mobility, economic, language and location challenges.

As a group, the aging baby-boomers harbor even more risk factors for senior isolation than the current generation of seniors and local resources face an increased strain on to support the demand.

To address this significant and crippling social issue a unique solution by enabling local communities to help themselves we believe needs a unique solution.

Our Mission

Collaborate with communities to enable seniors to find the activities, people, products, programs or services they need.  Empower Seniors to share their wisdom, experiences, interests and talents with the community.  Extend the reach of collaborative community programs and services to ALL seniors.


SageSource is a non profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to building vibrant support communities for our growing senior population.

Our unique strategy:

•  Structures programs to benefit everyone in the community
•  Incorporates a traditional donation based and, soon, a self-funded, sustainable financial model
•  Leverages technology to scale into other neighborhoods, cities and geographies

The SageSource Community

•  Is caring, committed and passionate about making a profound difference in the lives of others
•  Believes every senior regardless of age, race, gender, location or status deserves to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle
•  Empowers seniors to find the programs, activities and people at their time of need
•  Is enriched by a senior’s experiences, wisdom and talent
•  Establishes a foundation for local programs that will extend to other communities


Work with us to foster social change. Send us an email at [email protected] or by clicking on the CONTACT US page.

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