Wisdom of Life


Our Programs

The design of our programs include the participation of local communities including:

•  Seniors
•  Volunteers
•  Community Based Organizations (CBO)
•  Local Municipalities
•  Merchants
•  Service Organizations

Programs must adapt to the evolving needs of the community–especially seniors.  To insure the program delivery is consistent, value driven and measurable we leverage the following approach:

Engage (Learn)

•  Identify Purpose / Response to Need
•  Develop Need Based Assumptions

Align (Develop)

•  Collaborate with Community Members
•  Analyze Assumptions
•  Identify Theme (e.g. nutrition, information access)
•  Define Goals and Measurements

Provide (Deliver)

•  Execute & Monitor Activity
•  Document Interactions, Adjustments & Findings
•  Summarize Results & Social Value
•  Share Report with Selected Participants

The result:

•  Builds valuable social experiences and business skills in young adults
•  Develops a wealth of knowledge and perspective regarding unmet senior needs
•  Empowers seniors to express themselves and learn of local programs and services
•  Creates a strong link in our communities
•  Promotes a meaningful exchange of life experiences between generations
•  Allows us to measure Social ROI

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