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More like Mary

It broke my heart to see Sue, my neighbor, drift away.

Sue had lived in her home alone for over 50 years before we moved in next door and we noticed she spent nearly every day in her living room and watch videos.

During the next several years we would invite her to family activities and event to interrupt her hours of solitude. In addition, I would do landscape work and other chores to save her money.

It wasn’t long before her mental decline reached a point where she had to move to an assisted living facility.
When our family last visited her, she didn’t recognize us.

Just like my grandma….

Mary is another one of our neighbor and lives across the street. She moved into the neighborhood around the same time as Sue. Her story is the opposite. Mary is full of energy and is always on the go participating in local activities and events as she has for decades. She is in her 90’s, is more engaged and busy than many people half her age. I often see her at coffee shops and driving around town.

When she needs a helping hand she will call us. If the need is for a handyman I will take care of it. If it related to her computer my son, Tyler, will come to the rescue.

One time I asked her why she maintains an active lifestyle. The more active I am the better exercised my body and mind is”, she replied.

As our parents or family members age we hope their experiences are more like Mary.

A Community Powered Support Network for Seniors would make it more likely. 🙂


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